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This is where my private life publicized.     My story scrutinized.      My personal thoughts criticized.

:: Knowing Nophie ::

A common girl next door who loves to write and read. Most often that not, words and sentences fly in her head at most unpredictable times but she is too lazy to keep a proper diary to write down all those sudden thoughts, ideas and/or no-phielosophies.

Born in Medan, she was raised by domestic maid most of her toddler times since dad could only afford a motorcycle and with older brother and sister sandwitched in between dad and mom, she soon realized that there was no place for her on that tiny, fragile motorcycle. But nope...she was, is and always loved by her family. 

Moved to Jakarta in her early years, she had no problem conversing in Bahasa Indonesia as she was expossed to the language by her beloved domestic maid. Kindergarden and primary school days were spent with close friends who mostly, listened and followed her well. She was the triad leader (perhaps for being the giant of the class). Had a couple of puppy loves but too shy to confess. Ironically, her first crush was with a Japanese-Indonesian boy who was more interested in her elder sister. There was never a beginning, nor an end. There were tears, but soon forgotten.

In 1998, she moved to Penang, Malaysia for her secondary education needs. Learnt basic Mandarin with a class full of 30+ Indonesian fugitives. After 2 years, she was chosen to study Mandarin along with local students and she found herself trapped in a whole new world full of strangers. She missed being with Indonesians where she could explain herself without the need to pause for 1 minute, trying to figure the right vocab. She had her first GF-BF relationship in 3rd year of her Junior High. It didn't go well since she was too young to love a person, too young to express her feelings and too young to know if it's love/crush/peer pressure/whatever.  

5 years of secondary education led to Univesity education in Selangor, Malaysia. Had her first part time job as ground staff in a local kopitiam. Get to know one of the regulars, a Chinese guy who she eventually had a GF-BF relationship with. Throughout her university life, she was loyal to only one person but the relationship failed when they have to go separate ways; he to China, she to Singapore.

Currently an executive, she is living the normal life of a single fighter in her 20s. Blogging might not be her forte but well, she is trying. Her life is constantly filled with adventures, emotions and unknown logics, which hopefully can be portrayed and shared in this diary. Buckle up, fasten your seat belt....enjoy~~!!